Building a Sustainable Workforce for Our Community

What began as a local economic development discussion has strategically evolved into the Workforce Partnership of Shelby County. Private industry founded and funded, local business leaders lead the efforts to strengthen the emerging workforce and sustain Shelby County as a leading employer in the region! 

Industry and education partners are aligning workforce training and skills development programs that prepare students for our workforce needs. In addition, a strong focus is placed on awareness and exploration of the incredible career opportunities here to attract and retain local talent.

How Does Workforce Partnership Impact the Shelby County Community?


As a Student, you have the unique opportunity to understand Shelby County’s industry leaders and careers.  You will develop workforce skills, both soft and technical.  You will explore local industries, learning their products and in-demand careers.  You will have the opportunity to job shadow, network, and intern at local companies with the possibility of employment after high school or college.


As a Partner, you will be part of a collaborative community network of local industry and educator professionals who share ideas and implement solutions to workforce development for grades K-12. Partners gain access to programming and events held with students in an effort to recruit employees and retain local talent.

How Can Workforce Partnership Support Me?

Whether a student, parent, educator or partner, Workforce Partnership of Shelby County is here to support you. We partner with educators and industry to develop skills training and meet in-demand jobs by working to develop career pathways for students, in turn creating a thriving local workforce.