“Workforce Partnership for us was a huge success. For Wyatt, it gave him the opportunity to be excited about school and do it in a way that was more fitting to what his plans were for the future.”

Wyatt came home from school and he was telling us about this opportunity for a Workforce Partnership. After looking into it, Dave and I found out that Workforce Partnership was a different avenue that students could take than necessarily going to college after high school. It was a path that they could take that put them in the workforce and prepared them for a career. Once Wyatt was interested in workforce partnership, we found out that there was a power lunch that he would go to, and at the Power Lunch there were going to be employers from all over Shelby County set up to go around from table to table and interview with students and tell them a little bit about what that specific job entailed and the kind of things that they did there and what their hours might look like. Once Wyatt decided on Hemmelgarn, everything went really fast.

After that, they were paired up and they met with him, talked to him about what his hours would look like and how they would work with him during his senior year. They were great. They worked out ways for him to make sure he didn’t miss out on any of his senior opportunities during the school year. They were very flexible with knowing his sports schedule and making sure that he didn’t miss out on sports. He didn’t miss out on those daily social things that seniors had, like the senior sunset and the senior breakfast. They made room for all of those things within his workday so that he still got to live his school life and also work during his school day at Hemmelgarn. So he got the best of both worlds to any parent who I would say has heard a little bit about workforce or they’re questioning whether or not it might be right for their child, I would say for us it was a huge success, and for Wyatt, it gave him the opportunity to be excited about school and do it in a way that’s more fitting to what his plans are for the future.

I think that you have to look into it. You have to give it a try. You have to at least hear what it’s about, because I think it’s an avenue of learning that is going to open doors for kids that maybe weren’t in a position to think that they had someplace to go after high school.

Every student takes a different path towards their career. Workforce Partnership is here to connect education to community careers.