Workforce Partnership is dedicated to supporting students as they continue their education.  We are proud to offer scholarships for technical certificates and college degrees that are related to careers existing within our Partner companies.  The scholarship program was introduced through funding provided by Ohio’s Industry Sector Partnership Grant.  To-date, scholarships have been awarded for career paths that include welding, diesel technology, STNA, engineering, and business administration.  The application window runs March-April each year and is advertised at each district by the counselor. We also promote the application period through social media and our website. Be sure to check back in March for more information.


Interested in a career in Healthcare?
Apply for a STNA Certification Scholarship!

Open to 2024 and 2025 Shelby County students and students affiliated with Upper Valley Career Center

Scholarship Includes:

  • One-time payment of class fee and 1 state exam fee; along with hands-on training from experienced professionals and on-site clinicals.
  • Incentives for Success: One pair of scrubs (for clinicals) and $100 gas card (presented on exam
  • Access to opportunities with local healthcare networks–To learn more about STNA training visit:


Workforce Partnership Scholarship Program

Continuing education after high school, whether through a vocational training or college provides invaluable skills and knowledge essential for succeeding in one’s chosen career path. It equips individuals with the expertise and adaptability needed to navigate the dynamic demands of the modern workforce and achieve long-term professional success.  WP will award a total of $6,000 in scholarships, ranging from amounts of $500 – $1,000 each.

Technical Certificate and Associate Degree Scholarships

Open to 2024, 2023, 2022, and 2021 Shelby County students pursing a technical certificate or Associate degree in a field that aligns with our Partners (see application for sample listing)

*No transcript or essay required

Bachelor Degree Scholarships

Open to 2024 Shelby County students pursing a Bachelor degree in a field that aligns with our Partners (see application for sample listing)

*Transcript required