In today’s rapidly changing job market students are faced with a crucial decision before graduation – what’s their next step? The traditional path of higher education isn’t the only route to success anymore. In today’s job market offers tremendous opportunities, however they demand a prepared workforce.  Workforce Partnership is proud to introduce the “3E” program in Shelby County with the call to action: “What’s Your E?”  The “3E” program is designed to focus students on what they plan to do after graduation earlier than 12th grade.  Whether it their choice be Employed, Enrolled, and Enlisted, the “3E” program aims to influence students to examine their personal interests and goals, then connect their education to what they want to do after graduation and begin make a roadmap to get there.

Discovering Your Path:

The “3E” program offers a comprehensive approach to career planning, catering to the diverse aspirations and goals of students. Whether you’re looking to directly enter the workforce, continue your education, or serve in the armed forces, each pathway can lead to a fulfilling career and should be celebrated! 


The first ‘E’ represents “Employed.” Workforce Partnership recognizes the importance of gaining real-world experience, and we’re here to raise awareness of local companies and career opportunities that may lead to internships and part-time or full-time employment right here in Shelby County. Through career exploration, coaching, and interview preparation, Workforce Partnership help to equip students with the skills they need to secure a high paying job straight out of school.


For those who wish to continue their education, “Enrolled” is the second ‘E.’ Workforce Partnership will provide students with valuable resources, such as career exploration, job shadows, mock interviews, and networking that provides them guidance in what careers are available in Shelby County after college graduation. Whether it’s selecting the right career major or applying for a Workforce Partnership scholarship, students can enter into their decision with confidence.


The final ‘E’ stands for “Enlisted.” For those with a passion for service and a desire to give back to their country, the armed forces could be the right choice. School counselors provide students with guidance in this area and coordinates recruiter visits to the school.

Personalized Guidance:

“The 3E” is not a one-size-fits-all program. Workforce Partnership understands that every student is unique with different interests, abilities, and aspirations. “What’s you E?” encourages parents and students to have conversations about their future plans and begin preparing educationally and financially.     

Workforce Partnership’s “3E” program is a game-changer for students facing the daunting task of deciding their career paths before graduation. That’s why we offer guidance and resources for Employed, Enrolled, and Enlisted options for students. Workforce Partnership brings industry leaders to the forefront to share their options and partners with educators to empower students to make informed choices about their futures.  For students wanting to enter the workforce we offer personalized career coaching sessions to help students identify their interests, career goals, and offer support throughout the hiring process. Workforce Partnership is here to guide the next generation towards fulfilling and rewarding career that may attract them to Shelby County jobs.